Creativity stems from fun & games In Kidshouse we want the children to have fun and learn through games, in a loving environment. Learn more Educating babies
to toddlers
Our house has classes for infants up to 4,5 year old kids. We think pre-school education is valuable! Learn more

Our core values

Fun & Learning Fun & Learning
We believe in learning through play, endorsing fun activities which increase creativity!
Healthy Meals Healthy Meals
We provide nutrition-full meals, designed by a dietician, so children eat only the best.
Children Safety Children Safety
Safety comes first. That is why our personnel has a certificate in first aid.
Happy Environment Happy Environment
Our school has cheerful people, colorful classrooms and a wonderful yard!

Why Us

We take infants from 2 months old, up to kids 4 years old. A proper Kidshouse!
We have classes until the afternoon, in order to suit working parents.
People that work with us must be the best, so we select them very carefully.
We hold regular meetings with the parents, so we can be united and aligned.
From simple games to kids’ yoga and puppet theater, creativity ranks high!
Together we learn the first words and numbers, with English lessons also provided.


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